Brand Zuri

Brand Zuri

Zuri as a brand stands for jewelry which is creative, affordable and can stand the test of time. It caters to every age group which is willing to explore and experiment with unique designs.

The brand is symbolic of Manish’s creativity, passion, vision and hard-work. His designs are delicate, unique yet utilitarian.

To quote Manish,”When I think of jewellery, I think of evolution. It is this process of evolution of a sketch, to an intricately designed unique piece, that drives me. A process that is finally complete with a sense of satisfaction and smile on my client's face.”

He adds, “I love playing with geometrical patterns to create designs with color stones and diamonds that add a glimmer of vibrancy to every piece that I make. Every piece I design, brings to life my own sense of being, brimming with creativity and passion”.